About Us

Visiting Madrid by segway Since 2012

Segway tours. Quality guided segway tours throughout Madrid and many other places in Spain in all kinds of events throughout the national geography. 

We have been touring the streets of Madrid since 2012. We began taking segway routes in a small garage in the Plaza de Herradores in Madrid, in the historic center. We build a reputation there. From our beginnings, we were clear that our clients come first and then the rest. We put the good of our clients before the profitability of our company, no matter how crazy it may seem and this ultimately becomes our true profitability our clients who have been with us since those hard beginnings and who have been with us in the best and in the worst moments . We are enormously grateful to all of them and from these lines we show our infinite gratitude. 

We hope to see you soon!

Segway Tours Madrid


We want all the people who want to visit Madrid to have a helping hand that accompanies them and guides them with kindness and courtesy.


We want to serve tourists and visitors in all areas related to their visit, from guided tours to accommodation, etc.