Segway Tour Casa de Campo

Segway Tour Casa de Campo

This segway tour passes through the most emblematic areas of "Madrid de los Austrias" such as the Royal Palace or the Almudena Cathedral or Calle del Factor and its beautiful viewpoint to the Casa de Campo and then go down the "Cuesta de la Vega »to visit the Madrid Río Park.

Segway Tour Casa de Campo


Frequent questions

This is the tour:

  • Calle Santiago 18
  • Plaza de Ramales
  • Calle del Factor
  • Catedral de la Almudena y Palacio
  • Cuesta de la Vega
  • Parque de Atenas
  • Puente de Segovia
  • Café del Río
  • Puente del Rey 
  • Paseo del Rey 
  • Campo del Moro

Comfortable shoes (preferably with rubber soles) and clothing appropriate to the weather, bundle up in winter as it is not a sporting activity and sunscreen in summer to avoid the harmful effects of the sun. 

Yes, it is a monitored activity so a guide will accompany you at all times telling the stories and anecdotes of the places through which the route passes.

There is no maximum number of people for the tours. By regulation there must be at least one official guide for every eight participants. We do routes and events managing to coordinate up to two hundred people in a simultaneous route divided into several sub-groups.

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