Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and its surroundings

For football lovers there are some stadiums scattered throughout the planet that are authentic temples where they pay tribute to the main figures of this sport. The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is one of them, the cradle of Spanish football and a place that has witnessed the most spectacular feats of a sport that continues to put thousands of people on their feet every weekend. And best of all, this stadium is open to the public for any fan to visit.

estadio santiago bernabeu

This has made the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium a pilgrimage point and a must for all fans of the beautiful game. Exploring the Real Madrid trophy rooms , even seeing their changing rooms or going to the field and even having the opportunity to smell the fresh grass as the players step on it is a sensation that no football fan forgets . We also know that it will be one of the most requested visits because the club is about to finish the works on its stadium. These reforms will make the Santiago Bernabéu one of the best stadiums in Europe with the option of being able to roof the stadium.

The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is, therefore, one of the places that should be on the list of locations to be visited on any trip to the capital. And in relation to this there are two good news that can be taken into account to make the experience more fruitful. The first is a stadium that is located in a very accessible area of ​​Madrid. In the heart of Castellana, the stadium is a living symbol of the city, allowing your visit without any type of obstacle. The second is that segway tour Madrid has a route that gives the stadium all the prominence.

In this way, it is possible to hire the tour in question and visit some emblematic places of the city until reaching the stadium. The fans of the participants are taken into account, so the route includes visiting the Palacio de Cibeles, which is one of the most characteristic and iconic places in the history of Real Madrid and especially of their victories. To have the experience of trying a Madrid Segway is a very good option, since it is possible to travel the Castellana mounted on the vehicle, and that is something that is not forgotten.

The capital is so well cared for the Castellana and it is so comfortable to travel, that a vehicle such as the segway is ideal for this area of ​​the city. When you arrive at the Santiago Bernabéu you will have to park your vehicle to enjoy it comfortably on foot. The experience is well worth it.

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