Segway against pollution

A few weeks ago, when thed ifficult situation in the center of Madrid began to get on the high levels of pollution and the City Council regulated the use of the car, I thought very seriously what to do about it. I am a person who, if you have to help, helps. I am concerned about the environment, no matter how much I do not attend demonstrations, and the first thing I do when they ask us to be more conscientious about consumption is to make adjustments.

That is why when it was determined that it was not possible to park in the city center unless we were residents of the area, I was very clear that the appropriate option was leave the car at home. Because perhaps he could have looked for another way to park, but it is clear that in that way he would not have contributed to the reduction in fuel consumption that is being tried to introduce in the most complicated days in the city. For this reason, using Segway against pollution becomes one of the best options because it contributes to caring for the environment. In addition, it is not necessary to park, parking in Madrid is something that can become tedious and can get on your nerves.

Of course, using the car during the checks also meant slowing down on the M-30, and above all, being perplexed to see how many of the other drivers ignore this imposition of 70 kilometers per hour. So it was clear to me that it would be much more appropriate for me to park my car in my garage and find another method of transportation. It was also good for me to have a few days off from work, because that made my day to day easier.

Use the segway in Madrid

What I did instead was resort to using a segway, a personal transport vehicle that was recommended to me and that I had not considered using before. Sometimes when you have a car you forget about the many possibilities that revolve around you and that can be just as useful, as well as great fun. With this type of transport I was able to go out for a walk around Madrid and I was walking through streets that I had not passed through for a long time. The ease of going at a good speed, but without having to be inside a vehicle, was something that I just loved.

I have already thought that when relatives from abroad come I will tell them to hire a segway tour Madrid so that they have that kind of experience that I have been able to discover while fighting pollution. The truth is that there is no harm that does not come and I will not hesitate to resort to this method of transport again if I find myself in a situation like this again. Everything is to support the environment and contribute to the improvement of it.

Finally, in addition to not polluting, it is also an unforgettable experience. It helps you to explore Madrid and visit places with great agility and in much less time than if we were walking or using public transport.

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