Tour of mysteries the Casa de Campo

The country house mysteries that you can discover with Segway Tours Madrid. Something that people who visit Madrid are looking for, in addition to having the opportunity to see the most touristic places live, is to discover what the history of the capital hides. This is full of myths and legends, as well as emblematic places that are much more than meets the eye. And that's just what happens in the Casa de Campo , a key place in the city that hides a multitude of secrets and all kinds of proposals that will surprise those who dare to explore it.

Segway Tour Casa de Campo

A good way to do it, to avoid the fatigue of walking through it, is to use a segway through Madrid , because with this vehicle we assure you that you will be able to discover everything without exhausting yourself. And we can tell you that our specific tour through this place is exquisite, especially since you will be accompanied by a guide who has so much knowledge that absolutely nothing will be left in the pipeline.

The legends and mysteries in the country house are one of the main themes that come together on the tour. For example, it is said that there is a part of the Casa de Campo, exactly known as Cerro Garabitas, which is the last place where the souls of deceased people pass before taking the step to the next world. A legend that has remained popularly installed in the area and that increases the curiosity of visiting the place.

Enjoy nature on a segway

But there is also time to discover nature and have direct contact with it. Accustomed to the core of the city, to pollution, to buildings and cars, sometimes we forget what it means to have nature in front of us. The tour includes the opportunity to feel the freshness that is breathed in an authentic pine forest, learn about medicinal herbs or pass near waterways and feel the high level of relaxation that its sound transmits.

Neither is the discovery of remains that belong to the Civil War, during which clashes were fought in this place, is left aside. For posterity the trenches used by the soldiers with the aim of protecting themselves from the bullets of their enemies, as well as other remains that are already part of Spanish history, have remained.

Casa de Campo is a large park that houses many stories inside, there are many people who have passed through there and who have good memories. In addition to enjoying Segway Tours, you can also stop at one of its bars by the lake to have a drink and enjoy the wonderful scenery that Casa de Campo has.

Last but not least, Casa de Campo has also witnessed archaeological discoveries and other finds of great interest. We will discover all this while we segway in Madrid with our tour, which we remind you that it has been deserving of the certificate of excellence as a 2015 winner according to TripAdvisor.

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