Fountains to visit by segway

We suggest you go back to the sources, those sources that we visit on Segway , in different tours.

Because these constructions, in addition to being ornamental and beautifying the city, have given drink to many generations of Madrilenians and contain a lot of history worth knowing.

Actually, the idea for this article came about when we saw a video on YouTube that excited us. Since it is a gift that a son makes to his parents for their 40th wedding anniversary. As the parents cannot come to visit him, the son gives them this gift by showing them the most beautiful fountains in the city. Here we leave the video and the article. Enjoy it!

There is something magical and healing in approaching a source. They agree? Listening to the noise of the water transports us to a natural, primitive world that has to do with the origins of the world. That is why sitting near a fountain gives us so much peace.

Designed by Ventura Rodríguez as part of the planning works of the Paseo del Prado . Of clear baroque influence. It has a blazon with the arms of Madrid, supported by a nymph with the body of a woman and the tail of a fish (nereid) and a newt. The upper spout is located on an artichoke and under this 4 grouped cupids support the central column. It was located in El Retiro in 1880.


Also designed by Ventura Rodríguez in 1782. The white marble with which it was built was from Toledo. The god Neptune (the god of the waters) presides over the complex in the center of a circular basin. He has a snake curled up in his right hand and a trident in his left. Two sea horses pull the cart which is a large seashell. Seals and dolphins accompany the scene. It is said that it may refer to the Navy, reformed by Carlos III to strengthen ties with the colonies.


Once again Ventura Rodríguez took charge of the design, after José de Hermosilla died, who had started the project.

A icon of Madrid , it was sculpted in Toledo marble. It represents the goddess Cibeles, symbol of the earth and fertility, on a chariot, pulled by 2 lions. He has a scepter in his right hand, and in his left, the keys to the city.

In ancient times, the official water carriers carried water from here to all the houses in Madrid. The water was said to have healing properties for any ailment.


It is the venue for the Real Madrid titles since 1991, after the 1986 World Cup, Butragueño scored 4 goals against Denmark in the round of 16 tie. Many people moved to this place shouting "Oa, oa, oa, Butragueño a la Moncloa."

The equestrian statue of Felipe IV stands out over two shallow ponds. At the foot of the statue, two bas-reliefs represent the imposition of the habit of the Order of Santiago on Velázquez by King Felipe IV.

The Jarama and Manzanares rivers are also represented with two male figures of the elderly. The statue of the king is the only sculpture on horseback in which the latter is supported only by its hind legs and by its tail. It was made by the sculptor Pietro Tacca in Italy, following a design by Velázquez. We visit this source in almost all tours of Segway Trip , since it is an iconic place where we often stop to tell the history of the place.

And there are other sources, which are not as important, but are equally as attractive as the previous ones. One of them is the Plaza del Biombo fountain . This is a small square that is hidden from the bustle of the city, but that gives us an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Its fountain is attached to a wall and consists of 5 pipes. Formerly it was used by Madrid women to wash clothes here.

And of course there are the ornamental fountains that we see in the Madrid Río Segway Tour! . There are actually 3 water sources , whose jets go Changing. The most popular is called the cloud , since its jets are a fine rain that looks like mist and when they arise, they produce the joy and cries of adults and children. They call this area the Playa de Madrid and it is allowed to get wet, unlike the rest of the fountains where it is forbidden.

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There are other sources that we see on our daily Segway tours. As well as charming places in Madrid . If you want us to show you Madrid in a different way , contact us at tel: +34 910 023 001. You will surely enjoy and repeat!

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