cosas que ver en Madrid

This is such a lively city and there are so many things to see in Madrid that you can never get bored.

Any day that you take a walk through the center, you will surely catch a curious event, or discover new tourist offers , or new gastronomic offers .

plaza mayor madrid

There are always things to see in Madrid because something always happens here. Even Madrilenians can feel a bit tourists if they walk through the center of the capital. The Calle Mayor and its Plaza Mayor are always bustling with people walking, shopping, visiting the city. And the same happens with Calle Arenal , where there are shops of all kinds.

One of the shows most striking for tourists takes place on some Thursdays of the month, when the new ambassadors from foreign countries accredited in Spain present their credentials before your Majesty the King .

On these occasions, the new ambassador , dressed in a tailcoat, uniform, or national costume with decorations, if he is a man, and a long dress, if he is a woman, goes to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and appears before the Introducer of Ambassadors .

From there they go to the Royal Palace where His Majesty the King receives the Introducer of Ambassadors, who introduces the new Ambassador with the official name of the country in question.

When they leave the Official Chamber, the Chief of Protocol of the Casa del Rey dismisses the ambassador, who leaves through the Prince's Gate of the Royal Palace .

Outside the Palace, a section of the Royal Guard's Pífanos and Drums interprets the National Anthem of Spain to bid farewell to the Ambassador who is returning to his residence.

If you like the traditions and celebrations of Madrid , here we will tell you much more. One of the most important festivals at the local level is the festivities of the patron San Isidro. In these parties there are always a multitude of events and concerts around the city and most of them are free or very cheap.

On the other hand, if what you want is to get away from the city center and get in touch with nature, you can do it. You can do a Casa de Campo tour or a tour of the Retreat . Casa de Campo is the largest park in Madrid and is an ideal place to spend a day with family or friends. On the other hand, there is the Retiro, located in the center of Madrid, this park is the most visited and famous in the city. It has a multitude of places inside that will fascinate you, such as its lake or the Crystal Palace.

Segway Tour Retiro Park

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