Things to do in Madrid with your dog

For many people, pets are part of the family, and they can't imagine going on vacation without them.

Therefore, if you have decided to take your dog on your trip to Madrid , we are going to show you some places to visit with your best friend.

Old Taqueria

One of the things to do in Madrid with your dog is the Lavapiés neighborhood you can find this Mexican restaurant where dogs are welcome. In fact, at the door of the premises you can find a bucket with water so that your best friend can also cool off.

Vegan Rayén

A vegan restaurant designed especially for animal lovers in which, how could it be otherwise, dogs are welcome. Its staff stands out for being especially kind to both people and animals.

La Piola

It is a comfortable bar where you can enjoy a wine or a vermouth , or stop by after eating to enjoy a coffee and cake. Meanwhile, you can enjoy with your pet its cultural proposals.

The House On

This interesting cultural space recently began to allow our four-legged friends to enter. Its patio, its cafeteria and its terrace are open to dogs, so that we can enjoy a little more with them.

B 612

We change our style a bit to talk about a place that is not a bar or a cultural space, but a hairdresser. If you don't want to leave your dog alone while you go for a makeover, at B 612 you will see how your animals are treated almost as well as you, even receiving the odd treat. In addition, it is a solidarity space in which part of its benefits goes to collaborate with various protectors.


Very near the Retiro we can find this restaurant in which they bet on healthy food, and also for being especially friendly with the animals that visit them. A great plan if you are going to enjoy the park with your animal.

Cafe de la Riviere

If you have been taking a walk with your dog through Madrid Río, later you can visit this cafeteria that has been open for a short time, but is gaining the favor of many for its spectacular homemade breads and cakes and for allow the entry of animals.

casa de campo

Casa de Campo is the largest park in Madrid, it has a bike path and a lake. It is perfect to go with our furry friend to enjoy a day outdoors. You can go for a walk, take your food and have a picnic or directly eat in one of its bars. The good thing about Casa de Campo is its spaciousness, you can enter it and lose yourself in the middle of nature or go to more traveled places like the lake.

El retiro

The most visited site in Madrid, all tourists who visit Madrid pass through the Retiro park. We have segway tours to be able to see the whole thing, but if you go with your pet you won't have any problem. It is mandatory to carry your dog on a leash and you cannot let it go. Therefore, it is a beautiful and beautiful place for your pet.

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