Madrid Segway Retiro park

the best gift they have given me: a Segway day in Madrid

A Segway day in Madrid, that's how it began. Surely many of you were given at Christmas things like socks, ties, colognes ... things like those that we give to all parents.

But I'm a cool guy, or at least I like to go cool. I take my children, who are still young, to the most special activities.

I had them skating an entire afternoon on the Christmas ice rink and took them in costume to the Star Wars premiere. So when the Three Wise Men arrived I knew that something special awaited me.

But I didn't think it was a segway tour . To be honest, the truth is that I didn't even know what a segway was. I had seen them on television (in a certain comedy series that we all see), but until now I had not considered that there was a company like that would take care of allowing us to try them for a few hours. I was quite blown away with what the Kings gave me and I imagine that they would do well to change their old camels for segways, surely that way they traveled the world more quickly.

The tour they had organized for me was the gourmet tour , which includes two things that I love. On the one hand, do something different, such as riding a segway. And on the other hand: eat and drink. Surely you understand me when I tell you that I had a great time making the required stop to put on Iberian ham. The wine was also very good, of national production and with that flavor that always fits well with Iberian products. I put on my boots, it must be said, with chorizo, ham and tenderloin, among other things.

Getting on the segway is like moving like a king. My wife gave me a pretty bad look every time I told her that she wanted to buy me one so I wouldn't walk again. But it is the truth, if they let me, I would have taken the vehicle home so as not to put my feet back on the ground. As that was impossible, and I knew it, I decided to enjoy the tour from beginning to end.

I was riding a segway along some of the most representative sites of my beloved Madrid. I went to the Royal Palace to feel like a truly privileged person. I was also in the Almudena Cathedral and in the Casa de los Lujanes.

I liked the way people I came across looked at me, because it was as if they were saying "hey, look at me, I'm not walking." In any case, I have to admit that it has been one of the best gifts of my life.

Without a doubt it was a very good experience, one of the things that impressed me the most was the amount of sites that I could see in a single day ... Thanks to Segway Tours Madrid I was able to see many places of interest in one day, which if I had walked I would have it took two or three days. It is an experience that I will repeat, since I believe that for tourism it is the most efficient and dynamic way.

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