What do tourists think about Madrid

Surely more than once you have wondered what tourists think about Madrid , right?

We certainly do. Because it is essential for a business like ours, which offers tours in Segway in Madrid . P to know what visitors to the city expect. And to offer a better tourist service every day.

According to a study recently published by PWC , in which 154 people of different nationalities participated, 60% of visitors choose leisure as the main reason for their trip , while 29% travel for business. This study gives us an idea of ​​ what tourists think about Madrid and what they look for when they visit the capital.

People from the main strategic markets such as Germany, Argentina, Brazil, China, the US, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Nordic countries, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Russia and Switzerland were chosen for this survey.

Here are some conclusions:


turistas por madrid

  • 63% of those surveyed are Europeans , 27% are from America and 10% are from Asia .
  • 60% of those surveyed who visit the capital of Spain consider themselves a leisure tourist , 29% travel for business and 11% travel for both reasons.
  • The factors most taken into account when traveling are safety and cleanliness, infrastructure and the quality / price ratio.
  • The factors least taken into account is the nightlife offer and that Madrid is a destination for traveling with children. In fact, 85% of those surveyed prefer to visit Madrid without children.
  • Los turistas que buscan «precio», tienen en cuenta prioritariamente la relación calidad/precio, la hospitalidad, el patrimonio cultural, infraestructuras.
  • tourists seeking exclusivity (14% of those surveyed) take into account factors such as events in Madrid , offer of shopping and nightlife .
  • Among the tourists who have the most average spending (accommodation) per day, are the Portuguese with € 138 per day and the French with € 116 per day. Followed by those from the Nordic countries with € 93 per day and Chinese with € 90 per day.


  • The tourists who repeat visit to Madrid are those from Mexico, Portugal, Germany, Italy.
  • The tourists who do not usually repeat the visit are Brazil, the United Kingdom, Japan and the Nordic countries.
  • The Portuguese spend more on accommodation and catering .
  • The Brazilians and Argentines spend more money on leisure and shopping .
  • accommodation is the factor to which the highest amount is allocated, followed by shopping, catering and leisure, in that order.
  • People between 30 and 55 years old are the ones who spend the most, differentiating between men, who spend more on accommodation and restaurants , from women who allocate more resources to leisure and shopping .
  • Best time of year to visit Madrid : spring , followed by autumn and lastly winter and summer.

¿Por qué ir a Madrid?REASONS FOR THE VISIT

  • The main reason to visit Madrid is heritage , monuments and museums (56%), followed by visiting friends and family (23% ) and gastronomy (22%).
  • North Americans visit Madrid mainly for gastronomy , Russians for the shopping offer and English for a getaway .




The main channel used by everyone for their travel purchases is internet , except in the case of China and France, which also use travel agencies .

  • Internet (82%)
  • Travel guides (40%)
  • Word of mouth (34%)

ASSESSMENT WITH REGARD TO OTHER COMPETITORS¿qué piensan los turistas de Madrid?

  • Tourists DO see their expectations fulfilled in terms of transport and gastronomy infrastructure.
  • Tourists DO NOT meet their expectations in terms of being able to use the English language as a means of communication.
  • Among the main world capitals that respondents prefer as a destination, Madrid ranks 6th, with Paris (25%), followed by New York (22%), and London (20%). . Rome ranks 4th (15%), followed by Barcelona (6%).

There is nothing like knowing what tourists think about Madrid , in order to improve. The Madrilenians get a bad mark in language, and we are clear that we must take great care of our monumental and cultural heritage , since it is the main tourist attraction and one of the best ways to preserve our history.

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